When does the Profile Wizard launch?

 When a new member is granted access to the domain and log in for the very first time, Profile Wizard will be launched.

The Wizard, guides the domain user through multiple screens with UI that encourages entry of values in each of the profile fields.

When user enters values, they are rewarded with an icon that displays the gain in profile strength.

Company Profile (First screen): Displays the most relevant company profile fields.



Personal Profile (Second screen): Personal fields - Title, Phone number & personal logo.



Advanced Profile (3rd screen): Displays 8 custom profile fields. Displays required fields first and then optional fields based on display order.


Social profile screen (4th screen):Profile fields for Social Media 


Next Steps (last screen): Displays links to profile specific pages.



if any of the links are pressed, they open the page in a separate tab to allow user to go back to the other links later.











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