How do I setup payments(Methods, Terms & Gateway) as a seller?

Sellers on a domain that is payment enabled, can see the feature under 'Orders' tab. There will be 2 sub tabs > 'Payment Terms & Methods' and 'Payment Gateway'.

Sellers can open  'Payment Terms & Methods' and setup the options for buyer order placing & seller order placing. Multi-select  options are possible for payment methods for both buyer/seller order placing . 

Single select option will be enforced for Buyer order placing > Payment Term. Multi-select will be possible for seller order placing > Payment terms.

Selecting 'Save' button, saves the setup. 


When a payment method that requires a payment gateway is selected, UI displays gateway setup button. Seller can either press the button or select 'Payment Gateway' tab to setup payment gateway. We offer 3 gateways >, Stripe & Paypal Pro. Only one gateway can be setup at a time. If you wish to delete that setup another gateway, you have to remove the existing gateway.














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