How do I send showroom link to leads from leads list page?

Premium sellers on the platform will have 'Lead Insights' feature. Sellers can click on 'Leads' tab and enter this screen. All the leads for the seller will be displayed in a list view. Seller can select  the checkboxes next to each leads for selection. Seller can select a  single lead or a few or all leads and click on 'Send Showroom Link' button and this brings up a pop-up.

The pop-up allows seller to set the price visibility. There are four options to select from.

  • None - No one can view the price via this link
  • Public -  Any one who uses this link, can view the price
  • Community - Any member of the platform can view the prices on using this link
  • Connections - Only connections to the seller can view the price

The tokenized showroom link is displayed as a URL. "Copy Link' button allows copying the link. Text display lets seller know that the link is valid for only 60 days.

A message section will have a pre-loaded message. Seller can edit if he/she wants to enter a more personalized message. Check box selection allows sending a copy to self.

When seller clicks on 'Send Showroom Link' button, a transition happens on the button changing the text to 'Link Sent' letting seller know that it is being sent.

Leads  will receive the invitation to seller's showroom in the form of an email. Mail format displays a link to seller company profile. Message will be clearly displayed along with the tokenized URL and  'View Showroom' button.

When the mail recipient clicks on the button on URL, they are redirected to seller's showroom.
















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