Payment Gateway

To set up Payment Gateway, Go to Orders > Payment Settings > payment gateway.


After choosing, enter the “API Login ID” and “Transaction Key” of your account, and click on “Activate” to finish the process.


To obtain “API Login ID” and “Transaction Key”:

  • Log into your Merchant Interface at
  • Click “Account” from the main toolbar.
  • Click “Settings” in the main left side menu.
  • Click “API Login ID and Transaction Key” in the Security Settings section. Under Create New Transaction Key, enter your Secret Answer. 

For more information, click here



After choosing Stripe, enter the “Secret Key” of your Stripe account, and click on “Activate” to complete the process.


Screen_Shot_2019-08-21_at_1.05.07_PM.pngTo obtain the “Secret Key”:

  1. Login to your Stripe account
  2. Go to "Account Settings" from the account drop-down menu and choose the "API Keys" panel
  3. Copy and paste from “Live Secret Key”

For more information, click here.



Paypal offers many types of accounts with different capabilities. You need to have a Paypal Business Account in order to take credit card payment directly on this platform. 


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