How do I grant showroom access via a generic access link?

To generate a generic access link that can be shared, go to the "Showroom" tab, and click on "Guest Access" under "Configuration". 

Customize the level of visibility or view that you'd like your recipients to see. If you want to only show specific brands or collections, you can do so by checking or un-checking certain options. 

If price visibility is a concern to you, you can customize the visibility to be:

  • None: No prices will be shown whatsoever
  • MSRP: Only the MSRP will be shown
  • All: Both the MSRP and the wholesale price will be shown

Click "Save" when you're done. 

Copy the access link and share it to whoever you'd like. 

Note: Anyone who has your access link will be able to view your showroom indefinitely. To invalidate your access link, click "Regenerate Link". A new access link will be created and your old access link will expire.  




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