How do I adjust the privacy settings of my products in bulk?

To access the your product's privacy settings, click the "Showroom" tab  > Privacy Settings. 

The privacy settings are defined as:

Public: Any user can see this product, logged in or not. 

Community: Only logged in users who are part of the community can see this product

Connections: Only connected companies can see your products



If the privacy settings are as above, when seller tries to create a product, by default the privacy settings will be for 'Connections Only' (in this case) or whatever selections are made in general privacy settings. Seller can override this by selecting a different privacy setting for individual product and saving it.

Example: General privacy settings has all 3 levels(view product, see price & buy product)  of privacy settings for 'Connections Only' but seller has created a new product with visibility settings for view product as 'Public', view price as 'Public' and buy product as 'Community'. What this means is that this particular product can be viewed by public and that price is also visible to public, but only a logged in member of the community  can purchase the product. This proves that privacy settings at product level overrides, privacy settings at showroom level.

There are three different types of products that you can adjust:

  1. Products in your showroom
  2. Products that are marked as "immediates"
  3. Products that are part of a collection

The privacy hierarchy is as follows: immediates take the highest precedence, followed by collections, followed by showroom. This means that even if your showroom is public, you can designate your collections to be seen by the community, and have your immediates set to connections. 

In this example, the public would see products in the showroom, but would not be able to see products in a collection and products marked "immediate".

The community would see products in the showroom and all products in a collections, but not be able to see products marked "immediate".

Connections would be able to see all products. 



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