How do I adjust the privacy settings ?

To access  your product's privacy settings, click the "Showroom" tab, and then click on  > Privacy Settings. 

By default, you should see all your privacy settings default to "Community", which means that anyone logged in to your community will be able to see this component of your profile.

The privacy settings are defined as:

Public: Any user can see this component of your profile, logged in or not. 

Community: Only logged in users who are part of the community can see this component of your profile

Connections: Only connected companies can see this component of your profile


Privacy settings have 3 layers > access to viewing products, viewing pricing & ordering products.  The selection of 'Who can view products?' will control the display of next 2 options. Example: If you select 'Connections only' for viewing products, then the next 2 options are limited to just that choice.


If you allow public access to viewing the product and pricing then there are 2 options to choose from for who can view products. 


Only members of the domain can purchase products.








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