What's a wishlist and how do I create one?

To organize and to keep track of products that you may be interested in, you can create a wishlist. 

There are a couple of different ways you can create a wishlist. First, go to the "Favorites" tab and click on "Wishlists".


From here, click "New Wishlist" or the icon in the middle of the first rectangle. This opens a pop-up. Screen_Shot_2019-08-22_at_12.18.29_PM.png

Enter the name in the text field and hit 'Create new wishlist' button. Once the wishlist is created you can click the wishlist icon and add product to existing or a new wishlist.



Remember, a product can always be added to multiple wishlists. 


You can add multiple products from many different sellers into the same wishlist. 

You can also delete a wishlist and all the products in the list will then be disassociated from that wishlist.



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