How do I track the performance of a single product?

Click on the "My Account" menu on the right hand side, and select "Analytics" in the dropdown. 



On the left hand navigation bar, you can click into detailed product analytics, which shows you product views over the specified time period.

We've been dealing with analytics on an aggregate level. If you'd like to filter down and track a certain product's performance, use the table shown below.


The "artelier Penelope Cutout Crepe Top" seems to be getting a bit of activity, with 15 views during the time period. Let's deselect all of the other products except for the "artelier Penelope Cutout Crepe Top" to home in on that product. 


Keep the "artelier Penelope Cutout Crepe Top" selected. 

Now, click on the "Graph" icon to view the performance of the "artelier Penelope Cutout Crepe Top" over time. 



The chart should now reflect the performance of the "artelier Penelope Cutout Crepe Top"


You can select multiple products at a time to track the performance of a basket of products. 

Let's say that you've got 500 products and you've selected only every 40th product, which makes it hard to track what you have and haven't selected. Click on "Show me selected products", which filters your list down to show only the products you've selected. 


If you'd like to narrow down your product list even more, you have the option of searching for a product or filtering by brand.

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