How do I track user engagement and view analytics?

You're able to view key performance indicators (KPIs) such as profile views, product views, and showroom views. 

Click on the "My Account" menu on the right hand side, and select "Analytics" in the dropdown. 






On the dashboard, you'll see a high level overview of some KPIs. On the top right, you'll be able to modify the range of dates to see a certain KPI. 

Hovering your mouse over the graph will bring up a pop-up that shows detailed chart data. 


Below, you can see the profile views and product views for the last 30 days, which are compared to the previous period. The percentage change is listed as well. To have the KPI appear on the chart, click anywhere on the desired KPI box. 

Users who have visited your profile, showroom, or products are listed below. 


For detailed product analytics, which shows you product views over the specified time period. In this example, you can see that during this time period, there were 37 product views. In the entire lifetime of the showroom, there were only 39 total product views. 

Page Views

You have two pages that users might visit - your profile and your showroom. Below, you can see the page views and showroom views for the last 30 days. To have the KPI appear on the chart, click anywhere on the desired KPI box. In the pie chart, you can see how your page views are distributed over the lifetime of your subscription. In this case, 57.14% of all of your page views came from profile views. 

Also, in the table, you can easily see the page views and unique visitors per page. 


At the very bottom, you can see your most recent visitors.

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