How do I accept or reject a connection?

When you receive a connection request, you'll see a notification on the top right.Screen_Shot_2019-08-26_at_1.07.14_PM.png

You'll see connection requests under notifications. 


You can accept the connection request by selecting 'Accept' and reject the request by selecting 'Not Now' with an option from the three choices provided.


Choices for 'Not Now' option:

  • Not a business match
  • Not enough info
  • Do not send a reply




On the My Network > Pending connections screen, you'll see your pending connections and you'll have the option to accept the connection request with the'Accept' button or reject it with the 'Not Now' option.Screen_Shot_2019-08-26_at_1.12.23_PM.png

If you have already sent out an invitation but would like to cancel the invitation, go to My Network > Sent Invitations and select 'Cancel Invite' button against the invitation you wish to cancel.


Selecting 'Cancel Invite' triggers a confirmation screen that requires user to confirm.



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